Happy Monday, babes!  I am finally dipping my toes back into the YouTube world. (You can find my channel here.) I had planned to film a fashion video and a handbag unboxing video last Friday and while I was getting ready decided to just go ahead and film how I curl and style my hair too.

So many of you all have requested this so I am glad to be (finally) delivering! If you have any questions on things I did not cover or didn’t explain well enough, haha, just let me know.

I’m a newbie.  Case in point: When Ethan was editing this video for me yesterday he mentioned how helpful the flip up screen on the camera was when filming yourself and I just stared at him.  And then finally admitted that I had totally forgotten that our camera did that.  Duh, Lindsey.  You all should have seen me trying to set up the camera in the bathroom and do test shots and then look behind the camera to replay the footage to see if it was angled to where you could see me.  Note to self.. next time just flip up the screen!  FYI, you can see the exact camera we use here.

I would LOVE for you all to support my YouTube channel by watching the videos and giving them a thumbs up!  && please subscribe.  You can do so here.  I have several videos lined up to film but I would also like to hear from you all.  What do you want to see?  Any requests?!  Leave me a comment or shoot me a DM on Instagram.  I want to tailor my content to my readers.  🙂


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