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We just got back from a quick weekend trip to Chicago (stay tuned for a full travel diary post) and we had the best time.  And I over-packed.  Shocker.   I just can’t help myself when we are driving somewhere though–it’s like you don’t have to worry about your suitcase being overweight for the flight so why not just bring that extra pair of shoes just in case, right?!  However, for this trip I am really glad that my new Uggs made it into my bag.  I know you might be thinking, “Wait, Uggs?  We’re wearing those again?” and for me, the answer is definitely yes.  Uggs are just way to comfy & cozy & easy to pass up.  And honestly I never stopped wearing mine. I got two pairs of the classic tall Uggs in college and I have worn them ever since.

That being said, it was time for me to grab a new pair.  I decided half way through the Winter last year that I would buy a new pair when this Fall rolled around.  I settled on the Classic Mini II because I have never had a shorter pair and I thought they would be really quick to pull on during the weekends and when running errands. [I sized up and got an 8]

Here are a few of the other pairs that I like and considered getting.  Any of these would make a great Christmas gift, whether that be to someone on your list or just for yourself! 😉

Saturday we got up early and did several shoots and even shot a little video for you all.  After we wrapped all of that up, we headed to grab coffee and I threw on my Uggs and beanie to keep warm.  (We decided to walk to get some steps in instead of talking an Uber.)  On the way down the street I said to Ethan, “I really do feel like I’m walking around on little mini clouds” and he just rolled his eyes at me and laughed–but I was serious! && speaking of, if you have a pair that you’ve worn for a while and they are starting to feel a tad less cloud-like then you can snag a replacement insole.  I didn’t know they sold these until I was writing this post for you all, but how genius?  I’m going to order some for my older pairs.


I am not a huge fan of hotel floors and I don’t really like to be barefooted on the carpet so I usually try to throw in my slippers if I have room in my suitcase.  But since I was packing these mini Uggs already I just used them for the same purpose.  I threw them on when we sat around and had a glass of wine in the room after arriving Friday night and I also wore them after I got out of the shower in the mornings when I was putting on make up and curling my hair.


A few side notes about the rest of my outfit too:

BEANIE I am obsessed with the texture & the large size of the pom-pom on top!  Plus it’s a steal at under $30.  Comes in other colors too.

PONCHO I had been searching for a good poncho and I love that this one is long enough to throw on with leggings.

TEE I am SO happy I found this long sleeve tee.  It’s the perfect length.  Everyone should have a white and black in their closet–especially since they’re under $20.  [wearing a small]

JEANS My faves.  If you don’t have black jeans… GET SOME! [wearing a size 25]

SUNGLASSES I have been wearing these Quay High Key sunglasses non-stop.  I love that they are over-sized!

Hope your week is going well and moving right along!  I have a busy one ahead so I think Friday will be here before I know it!




In Collaboration with Nordstrom

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