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When I first became I home owner I was living solo.  Well, my calico cat Millicent was here with me of course but I didn’t have a roommate.  There were many things about that that I liked.  I think even if you are a chicken like me, it is important to force yourself to live alone for a while in your life.  It creates some independence that everyone needs.

During that time, I fully took advantage of being the only person who had a say in things–I manipulated the thermostat however and whenever I wanted.  And as a girl who is usually cold, I didn’t hesitate to crank it up to 75 degrees on a regular basis.  However, when Ethan and Remi moved in they put a stop to that real quick–and rightfully so haha.  We’re currently keeping our house at a much more acceptable temp and we’re saving money in the process.

With that being said, I have learned to bundle up while at home so I am still warm and cozy.  My favorite way to do this?  With some Ugg slippers from Nordstrom!  Last year I got this classic pair and I lived in them.  This year, I went for this grey and black pair because they have a back on them and enclose your foot even more.  They work perfectly for me because they really are warmer!

I could not recommend this pair more.  They still come in at under $100 and they run true to size.  I love the black and grey combo because I think it makes them chic and they pair perfectly with black leggings (which I live in) but they also come in a more classic chestnut suede with cream colored shearling if that is more your style.  Either way, they will keep your feet toasty and you will want to change into them as soon as you get home and strip out of your work clothes and into your sweats.  I cook dinner and lounge in mine and I don’t take them off until right before I get in bed.  That way they are right beside my feet as they fit the floor after my alarm clock goes off so I can slip back into them before I even head to brush my teeth!

You all know Nordstrom is always my go-to for online shopping because their fast & free shipping and returns policy is impossible to beat.  So, I wanted to round up a few more slipper options that would be perfect for the man in your life and I had Ethan share his picks from the selection Nordys offers.  Guys LOVE slippers for the house too so keep these in mind if you have a bday coming up or are ready to get your vday shopping out of the way!

I hope you all are having a good week and enjoying the fact that it’s Friday Eve!


Ugg Slippers || Leggings || Wrap Top, similar found here and here || Tank || Fur Blanket, similar


Last Minute Christmas Sales!

Sweatshirt || Lounge Pants || Scarf || Slippers || Mug

Suprise, suprise!  I am still last minute shopping for Christmas.  Who’s with me?  Well if you are then I’ve rounded up a few sales that would be great for you to shop below.  I included my favorites for you and they would be perfect for your sister, mom, aunt, friend OR even yourself! 😉

ps, the items I have on in these photos–they are a yes, yes, yes!  The lounge pants are so darn comfy and I have them in grey and black.  The slippers are the ones I throw on every night when I get home.  The sweatshirt is cheeky–it says this wine is making me awesome.  && last but not least, this scarf is SOFT and under $30!

LEVIS 30% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping + Will arrive by the 23rd if you order by the 19th!

EXPRESS 50% Off Sitewide + Will arrive by the 25th if you order before midnight on the 18th!

ABERCROMBIE 50% Off Sitewide + $5 get by Christmas Shipping!

MISSGUIDED 60% Off Tons of Styles + Free Shipping over $50!

H&M 20% Off $100 + Free Shipping over $40 with arrival by Dec 24th if ordered before midnight on the 18th!

I hope you all are having a good weekend so far!  We have Ethan’s work Christmas party this evening and I am so looking forward to having a glass of champs, putting on some thing sparkly and heading that way!  Cheers!

Cozy UGG Slippers for Home


Sweater || Pants [under$50] || UGG Slippers [SO cozy!] || Coffee Mug || Scarf, used as a blanket here

There are some items I buy that I love but I know I wont get that much wear out of.  Some things just require an occasion that doesn’t occur everyday.  However–totally not the case with these pieces!


If I’m being honest, the very first thing I do when I come in the door at the end of the day [besides greeting the fur babies] is change into comfy, loungy clothes.  Case in point.. I have these pants and these UGG slippers on right now as I type this post for you all, seriously! [see below for more options that also fit this mold!]


I love a good mocassin to wear around the house.  In fact I have these and I wear them lots but I was really wanting a pair of true slide-on slippers.  They’re perfect to keep right by the side of your bed or at the bottom of the couch because you can just slip them on in half a second before you hop up and get to avoid the cold floor all together.  [Now not only do I sound lazy but I also sound kinda old, don’t I?  But I don’t even care.  They make me that happy, ha!]  And since they’re made by UGG, I know they will last.  I’ve had my other mocassins for 9 years.  Yep, 9!  How crazy is that?!


These would make the PERFECT gift too. (Plus–hello free shipping from Nordstrom, heyyy!  Always a plus.)  When I was younger, we got some sort of pjs each year from my Granny & Pappyo.  As soon as we opened them we put them on.  I feel like I would revert right back to my younger self if I opened these on Christmas morning.  They would immediately go on my feet! [I sized up,  I’m wearing an 8]  Mine are the Chestnut color option.


I wish you all could feel these pants.  They’re pretty amaze.  Like a thin, soft fleece material–super soft.  They come in several other colors too.  [wearing an xs] I will definitely be trying more items from this brand that I came across at Nordstrom.  Oh, and this sweater also comes in a really festive red color option!  It’s the perf amount of oversize and slouch! [wearing a small]

FYI–snag this mug because it’s a great stocking stuffer or friend gift.  Under $15!

What are your favorite items to lounge in?  Leave me a comment and let me know because I am always on the hunt for more feel-good buys!

Additional lounge items I have my eye on:



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