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 I had a question come in from a reader this week and I wanted to share.  She asked for a recommendation for a comfy sneaker/slip on shoe that she could wear walking to class.  Something that would be cute and practical and also pair well with jeans/leggings and a sweater/cardigan.  These are the picks that I shared:

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I thought it would be fun to share my MUST watch holiday movies with you all!  I am sure some of you share in my love for these classics, but if you are looking for some inspiration on what to curl up with your loved ones and watch this year then any of these would be great!  (&& yes, I put these in order according to my favorites…)





5. ELF



Annnd, I can’t leave you without mentioning some details on this outfit.  I don’t wear a ton of color but I couldn’t resist picking up this bright red sweater for the Holidays when I was shopping with my mom recently.  It is so, so soft!  And I love how it is oversized.  It would be a perf option to pair with leggings too.  ps, it’s under $20!  …meaning I definitely need another color, now that I think about it! [wearing a small]

I added my this light wash denim from Levi’s to give the look an updated feel.  I won’t lie, I don’t wear this pair tons because they aren’t the most comfortable–they don’t have any stretch to them.  But I do love the style so they come out to play every so often.  [wearing a 25]

I hope you all are getting all geared up for Christmas!  I am so looking forward to all the time with our fam!

Sweater || Jeans || Sneakers, similar || Scarf || Chanel Handbag, similar here || Sunglasses


The Perfect Grey

Sweater || Jeans || Sneakers || Scarf || Hat, similar || Sunglasses, similar || Handbag

A hard (but very rewarding cycling class), a good bowl of turkey chili and some HBO–last night didn’t shape up to be a bad one at all!  I am in full on fall mode.

Which means I have had my eyes peeled for some good neutral sweaters to add to my closet.  In my book, there’s nothing better than a good grey sweater!  It makes me oh so happy.  && this one does not disappoint.  It’s basic enough to layer with and has enough detailing to be worn alone.  The material is really soft and not itchy at all.  Perfect to be worn during the week to work or on the weekends when you just want to be casual & cozy.  [wearing a US 4]

&& you all–this scarf… is BACK!  It was my very fave last year so I was thrilled to see that it was back in stock.  It’s oversized, SOOOO soft, under $50 and comes in great neutral shades.  I highly suggest you grab one.  You can thank me later! 😉  ps, I have my eye on this one for my next scarf purchase.

Here’s a couple more perrrrfect grey options from Nordstrom:

Ethan and I went to the movies a couple weekends ago.  We hadn’t been in ages and now I am already ready to go back.  I swear there’s nothing that compares to it in terms of “checking out”.  When we sit and watch tv at home we are always multitasking–working on a blog post/writing emails/checking our phones.  When we go to the movies we sit and focus only on the movie and the chocolate covered raisins and the wine.  (Ok, maybe the last two are specific to only me, but you get the point, ha) The best part? We leave fully relaxed!  And the recliners they have now don’t hurt either!  So, have you all seen any good ones recently?  I need a recommendation.  🙂

Happy hump day!


By The Way.

Revolve is creeping very high up the top of my list of retailers to order from online.  I think their website is good, their selection is so fresh, their shipping is a dream [free & seriously so fast] and I have had positive experiences with their customer service.

However, like any site that carries many brands it can be a little overwhelming to browse.  Before we went on our trip to Miami in January, I came across the brand By The Way. that Revolve carries and I fell in love.  They have some great pieces that are on style and fall at good price points.

My latest purchase?  This denim jacket.  LOVE!  I cannot get enough of the lighter wash and I think the embroidery on the back is subtle but so cute.  [wearing a small]

When we were wandering around Broughton Street in Savannah we ended up in a neat vintage store.  With the help of my bestie, I got three cheeky little pins to add to the front of the jacket.  So when you see me wearing it now, it will have that little addition!

Oh, and if you have a trip soon where you will be walking around and need a casual day time outfit then I highly suggest this skort!  [sized up one, wearing a 2 and it is a bit large on me so if you want a more fitted look I would go with your normal size]

ps–I’m hoping on a plane today!  More on that to come soon… && in the meantime, follow along with me on my IG story.  Happy Friday Eve!

Jacket || Tank [wearing an xs] || Skort || Sneakers [size down] || Handbag || Sunglasses

Coffee Dates in Savannah

We were in Savannah a couple weekends ago and snapped these photos while wandering through Forsyth Park.  I will do a full Travel Diary recap of our trip soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share these with you all.

This is the thing I probably look forward to most about traveling–getting up and grabbing coffee and wandering around.

I usually get about half ready (some dry shampoo in my hair but don’t touch up my curls, some powder foundation and eyebrow pencil but don’t fool with the eye makeup) so I feel presentable but haven’t taken forever to get out the door.  Plus, I find getting ready in stages while on vacation helps so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted too long in front of the mirror.

&& I am always sure to pack something comfy to wear, aside from what I brought to sleep in and travel in.  Cue this SUPER soft crewneck.  You need it.  Need it! [wearing a small]

There’s just something about knowing that you’ve got a whole day ahead of you when you’re on a trip that is impossible to beat.  Combine that with a coffee buzz and I am one HAPPY camper.  I try to always make an effort to live in the moment during this time.  It sets the tone for the whole day!

What part of vacation & travel do you look forward to the most?

PS–stay tuned for a fun giveaway on the blog tomorrow! 

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