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Honestly, these weeks since getting engaged have FLOWN by!  I cannot believe we’ve made it to Thursday already.  I wore this off the shoulder top and jeans last weekend to grab coffee with Ethan on Sunday morning.  It’s a laid back, easy wear outfit–yet it’s a bit more put together than leggings and a sweatshirt.

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Every year, about this time, I start adding mini skirts into my outfits as much as possible.  It’s my trick to make myself feel like were one step closer to spring.  It gets you out of your jeans and sweater rut and helps you shop your own closet.  Just go searching for your favorite mini that you usually keep with your warm weather clothes and then add some tall boots and an oversized sweater!  I am sure these are pieces you all have some version of in your closet!

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We were supposed to get a nasty snow storm this past weekend.  It turned out to be just a dusting of snow.  This is SO typical of Kentucky–everyone on the news overestimates the snow fall and in turn everyone and their mom swarms Kroger and buys one of anything and everything they could possibly need for the next 10 months.  Just in case, you know!  Haha!  It’s true though, when we went to the grocery on Friday they were sold out of everything from sour cream to avocados and it was a MAD HOUSE!  

We ventured out of the house long enough Saturday to snap these photos and then it was straight back to the house to bundle up in my faux fur blanket.  I watched a couple more episodes of 90210 and Ethan made me an afternoon margarita since we had the ingredients on hand.  Not bad for a weekend day, huh?  This got me thinking about Netflix though and while I am sure the silly dramas like 90210 are not hight on everyones list, I feel like we have watched several things that you all would love.  So, I am sharing my suggested snow day binge watch list below!  Perfect timing too since we got more snow last night and the roads are completely covered again.  The list is in no specific order and includes everything from comedy to crime to fashion! 

  • WORMWOOD – an interesting story about some of the things the government has covered up over time, specifically the death of a scientist that was made to believe for years was a suicide
  • CHELSEA DOES – if you liked the late night Chelsea Handler show then or read her books then this is a must watch because she covers one interesting topic (racism, marriage, etc) per episode
  • SHOT IN THE DARK – a behind the scenes look at the people who stay awake all night and chase news stories in LA, filming everything from a high speed chase to a building fire to turn around and sell to the TV news stations
  • FRANCA: CHAOS AND CREATION – a very, very interesting documentary about the life work of the late Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia
  • BROADCHURCH – there’s three seasons of mystery from this British crime series and it will keep you guessing until the very last second
  • MADDMAN: THE STORY OF STEVE MADDEN – I haven’t actually seen this one but it is definitely on my watch list because I know the story of Steve Madden’s success is an interesting one
  • LONG SHOT – a documentary where the verdict of a criminal trial depends all on the evidence found on footage from a baseball game
  • THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY – find out everything that goes into the planning and prep for the Met Gala
  • DIOR AND I – the full story behind the Christian Dior fashion house 
  • THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON – the series from FX detailing the OJ Simpson trial 
  • 9/11: TRUTH, LIES AND CONSPIRACIES – a look into several of the different theories behind what might have caused the terrible 9/11 attack
  • GAGA: FIVE FOOT TWO – an eye opening look into who Lady Gaga really is and the struggles that go into being an extremely creative person who leads a public life and still makes time to care deeply for those around her
  • THE CONFESSION TAPES – each episode tells the story of a crime but the confusing part lies in whether the confession that was given is true or not, is it false or was it forced upon someone by officials
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT – a look into life of the designer known as YSL as he leaves the House of Dior and begins to build his empire 

If you all have a suggestion on a Netflix watch that you think I would like after reading my list, be sure to share it with me!  I am always on the hunt for newbies to add to my watch list.  Thanks!!

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My Go-To Moisturizers

It has been beyond cold here!  And I know we aren’t the only place feeling the pain of this weather lately but it makes it so hard to leave the house haha.  On top of that, Ethan and I both have a bad cold so the fact that we even ventured out on Saturday for coffee was a plus. (We spent the rest of the day inside and miserable haha.)  I clearly should have worn my Uggs because it actually hurt to have any bare skin out.  Hence, why a couple of our pics were taken inside the Daily Roastery and our street shots were snapped in a total of 30 seconds, maybe.  However, when I went to link my sneaks for you all in this post, I noticed that they are on sale now.  So, yay for you all–I am glad I decided to throw them on afterall! [runs tts, wearing a 7.5]

Since it has been so frigid, moisturizers are 10x more important.  You all know how annoying dry skin can be and I feel like I have been on the search for some good products for YEARS now (I am super, super picky and get grossed out easily by textures, containers, etc).  I recently found a few that I love so I wanted to be sure to share with you all.  Give these a try if you’re on the hunt!

in the SHOWER

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Argan Oil

I saw Jacey from Damsel in Dior post this product on her IG story a while back and decided to give it a try when I was browsing at the drug store one day.  I have to tell you, I was really skeptical.  But–the results made me a true fan.  I think it makes my skin so much softer throughout the day.  I found myself  thinking oh my skin is softer than normal and then I realized it was on days when I used this product.  It’s crazy how it locks in the moisture.

great for EVERYTHING

Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration

First Aid Beauty sent me some products a while back to try and this was the first one I gave a go.  I fell in LOVE.  I have since repurchased it several times with zero regrets.  The texture is silky so it does not irk me.  Bonus! And the best part about this is that you can use it all over.  I like for your body if you are feeling really dry and I like it for the face as a night time moisturizer.  I use Retin-A a couple nights a week and when I do I mix it with this before I put it on.  It’s a dream product.

on your LIPS

Aveda Lip Saver

I go to Simply Blue Salon here in Lexingon and my hair stylist, Rosa suggested this Aveda product.  Since I am always looking for something great to put on my lips, I gave it a try.  I am liking it to wear to bed right now.  Since Ethan likes to have the fan on, I will get chapped lips if I don’t put something on.  && this seems to be helping!

for the FACE

Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer

I looked for a new daily moisturizer for my face for sooooo long.  When I was at Sephora grabbing some of my other FAB product refills I decided to give this one a try too.  LOVE!  Thank gosh I found this one.  It is perfect for me to apply after washing my face in the mornings and before I apply my make up.


&& I can’t leave you all without discussing this fab coat.  I just got it in the mail on Friday.  I have a long black down coat that is packable from Bernardo that I truly adore.  I bought it last Winter and it has come in SO handy.  When the Bernardo team reached out and offered me one of their new styles I knew I wanted to jump on it.  I have fallen hard for this brand–the quality is 100% and I think the styles are spot on for casual coats.  I love how this one is a shorter style and has silver hardware on it.  It will for sure be on repeat!  [runs tts, wearing an xs]

Lastly, but certainly not least.. let’s take a second to chat about this new bag that I have been RAVING about in IG.  How great is the gunmetal hardware mixed with the neutral leather?  It’s a great size, has both an outside and inside pocket and is currently on sale! && this is just a little random side note, but the turn knobs are attached–if you rotate one to open the bag the other one automatically follows suit too so you don’t have to take the time to do both before grabbing your wallet or chapstick out.  Genius, right?  You can find a couple other colors available here too.

I hope you all are staying warm and healthy this weekend!  I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed that I recover enough to have a glass of wine soon! Priorities, right??

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