Travel Diary: Sunrise at the Brooklyn Bridge

One of my favorite things to do on vacation used to be sleeping.  I soooo looked forward to napping and sleeping in.  However, I guess I’m getting older because now I like to get up as early as we can when traveling so we can squeeze as much as possible into the day.

We were recently in NYC (full recap coming soon) and one thing we knew we wanted to do was walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It is the most famous bridge in the city, linking lower Manhattan to Brooklyn over the East River.  We’ve planned to do this so many times and we never seem to make it happen.  The weather gets in the way or we run short on time.  So this time around we made sure to do it.  && then we figured we should try and go early in order to beat the crowds so we could snap a few photos (it can get pretty packed).  Well –  we ended up taking it a step further and got there early enough to watch the sunrise–and I am so glad we did.  If you ever get the chance to walk across the bridge at sunrise TAKE IT!  You won’t regret missing out on that extra little bit of sleep afterwards!

We googled the exact time that the sun would rise and then planned to grab an Uber from our hotel in enough time to arrive right before hand.  That put us leaving our hotel about 4:50am and asked the driver to take us over to Washington Street in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  We climbed up a set of steps located on the underpass where the bridge crosses over Washington Street.  They lead you straight up to the pedestrian walkway.  (This is a couple blocks from Front Street.)  Once you are on the bridge, the views heading towards Manhattan are incredible and super iconic.  We were pretty much the only people there at this time too!  We did see a couple, dressed in a wedding gown and tux heading up the bridge with their photographer as we were making our way across!

The only downfall to this plan?  It was still so early when we got back to the Manhattan side of the bridge that the coffee shops weren’t even open yet, ha!

Of course, you could always make the trek the opposite direction–begin in Manhattan and walk towards Brooklyn.  I would do this if you wanted to spend some time in DUMBO after.  On one of our previous trips to the city, we got coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company and wandered around the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  It’s such a neat area (this is where the super cute and famous Jane’s Carousel can be found) and the views of Manhattan across the water are hard to beat!  And there’s no way you can be there without making sure you take the famous picture from Washington Street of the bridge towering over the the East River and the Empire State Building.  See our full post from that spot–> here!

ps, being in a city as old and charming as NYC will force you to think about the history.  I found this article super interesting.  Give it a read for a few interesting [and disturbing] facts about the Brooklyn Bridge.  && be sure to let me know if you incorporate a walk across the bridge into your trip!  I hope this was helpful if you’re planning some time in the city soon!

Outfit details can be found below!  My denim dress is a great one for Summer and I know I’ll be repeating it again soon.  Would be perfect for a July 4th party with some red!  I ordered this Gucci belt quite a while ago and it will hopefully be here soon–I can’t wait to switch out the denim belt on this dress and wear them together.  FYI, the dress does run big.  I ordered an xs and ended up exchanging it for an xxs.

Lindsey:  Dress [size down, runs big!] || Sweatshirt || Necklace || Ring || Thumb Ring || Sunglasses || Sneakers || Handbag

Ethan:  Top [now on sale] || Jeans || Tennis Shoes || Hat



Bodysuit [NOW ON SALE!]|| Jeans || Heels || Sunglasses || Handbag, similar [NOW ON SALE!]


Top [NOW ON SALE!]|| Jeans [NOW ON SALE!]|| Slides || Handbag || Sunglasses || Eye Necklace || Rainbow Necklace || Bracelet 1 & 2

Shorts [NOW ON SALE!]|| Tee [NOW ON SALE!] || Bag [NOW ON SALE!] || Bandana || Sunnies

Sweatshirt [NOW ON SALE!]|| Bag, similar || Jeans

Top || Shorts [NOW ON SALE!]|| Sandals [NOW ON SALE!] || Bag [NOW ON SALE!] || Sunglasses || Lip Color, Honey Love || Lip Gloss, Stripped || Watch

The low down:  This sale happens each year at Nordstrom and so many A+ items are included and marked down.  All the pictures included above feature items that I have [and love] that are now marked down!  I look at this sale as a perfect time to buy for the Summer because there’s oodles of warm weather items that are included.  && with Memorial Day weekend right around the corner (I cannot wait) this is the perfect way to kick off the season.  I mean, who can pass up a little shopping anyhow??

Real life tip:  Nordstrom is great about doing price adjustments.  It’s just one of the many reasons why I shop their site so often.  Every time I have called customer service (1.877.906.0205), I am shocked about how friendly they are and how quickly they take care of it for me.  During a big sale like this is a great time to check items you have ordered recently and see if they are now on sale.  If the same color and size is available then they will credit your account for the difference between the price you paid and the price it’s now on sale for.  Just make sure you have the order number and the item number when you call.  Also–I called yesterday morning with several adjustments and the wait time on the line was about 15 minutes.  I opted to have a rep call me back when they were available instead of wasting time and it was so handy!

Strategy:  Often times sales like this can be a little overwhelming.  So, I’ve added some of my favorite picks below for you all to shop from.  And something else to keep in mind, I usually try to take advantage and snag one item that’s a little higher price point that I have had my eye on, like a good pair of denim.  Then I look for a few inexpensive and trendy items for the season, a neutral pair of shoes, and a good wear-to-work item or two.  This can help you feel like you money is well spent.








Weekending in Levi’s

This past Sunday was such a good one so I just have to give you all a run down.  After I finish, you may be asking–ok, why did she feel the need to share that, but bear with me.

We woke up to a rainy, dreary morning and somehow (at the last second) we managed to pull ourselves out of bed just in time to scoot into a spinning class.  We hardly ever, ever workout on a Sunday so afterwards it felt SO good.  Then we headed to grab lattes at our fave coffee shop and then headed back home to clean up.  We ventured back out for lunch [mine consisted of a quesadilla and bloody mary, yum] and then I managed to drag Ethan to do some shopping for the lake house at Home Goods and At Home.  Once our car was totally packed with stuff (did you see our Instastory with the mirror that just barely fit, haha?!) we headed home where I almost immediately fell asleep for a cat nap.  Ethan went to take Remi over to the dog park to run for a bit but they were stopped by a bunch of crazy rain.  Soooo, then they showed back up a bit later with pizza, coke and the idea of a movie night!  We did (what felt like) a zillion loads of laundry, organized the house for a while and then settled in on the couch to watch a Netflix movie.

&& that’s it!  Nothing more special happened and all in all it was just a day of crappy weather in our home city.  BUT it made me so happy.  Sometimes it’s important to let the normal, average, everyday moments make you happy, right?!  I am always one to be planning out things for the next weekend or wishing for a new trip to dream about but I always want to be able to be content with the less exciting moments too.  It’s important to not take any those for granted.  After all, it’s the little things, right?!

Ok–and let’s just discuss the key points you have to know about this outfit for two seconds too..  These jeans are a weekenders DREAM.  I have been searching for a pair just like this for months so I can really thankful I gave these a try.  Howeverrrrrr–take note:  I sized up 2 sizes from my norm to get this fit.  I paired them with a neutral tank and metallic slides.  The tank is only $22 and has such a soft finish on it, almost a sheen. And the slides are under $50, comfy and will go with lots!  [wearing a xs and 7.5, both tts] Lastly, these are the necklaces I am completely obsessing over at the moment.  I ordered this one, fell in love and then immediately ordered this one to layer with it.  Aren’t they fun?!

Top || Jeans || Slides || Handbag || Sunglasses || Eye Necklace || Rainbow Necklace || Bracelet 1 & 2


One of the first lessons I learned right after graduating college (aside from the fact that I couldn’t live off english muffin pizzas and boxed wine) had to do with shopping and my 9 to 5 wardrobe.  I have never been a person who likes to repeat exact outfits often.  I will wear items time and time again but I don’t like to pair them with the same things each time.  Thus, I started buying more tops rather than dresses.  More specifically even, I began looking for tops that I could wear for both work & play.  This way I could pair them with jeans & heels or with a mini skirtsneakers on the weekends and evenings when out on a date or with friends but they also worked with black ankle pants and flats for work.  

And I think this shopping strategy is one that everyone should follow.  Dedicate a little bit of your budget to tops that work for both!  Now the kicker is finding the right tops.  My go to site to browse for this type of item is Nordstrom. [I’ve already filtered this page for you, so do some browsing —-> here]  Here are a few of my very favorites for you all to shop.  && I made sure to keep all the choices found here under $50! 🙂

This ruffle sleeve number would definitely fit for work or play!  It’s structured without being super constricting and uncomfortable and the fabric is a dream.  It’s a thick jersey so the quality seems high and the best part is that it doesn’t wrinkle easily.  We planned to shoot this look two weekends ago and decided to wait.  I had it steamed and ready to go the first time we planned to take the pics and, even though I didn’t have it hanging up in between, it was still camera ready the next weekend! It comes in some solid colors too.  Pair it with these pants and these shoes for a office ready look (also looks good untucked) or pair it with these jeans and these heels (I like them in red) for a drinks downtown. [wearing an xs]

For this causal look I went with white denim (this has been my favorite pair for a couple years now, true to size) and platform sneakers (size up 1/2 size).  Metallic sneakers are everyyyywhere right now and I think they will be even more popular in the coming months.  A few more options for you all here:

Ok, that’s my two cents for work wear advice.  I hope it helps you all when trying to budget and keep your outfits practical but not boring!

Top || Jeans || Sneakers || Belt [under $50, wearing a small] || Handbag || Sunglasses [transparent grey] || Ring  || Thumb Ring 



In Collaboration with Nordstrom

Versatile Summer Dresses!

I try to buy a couple cute dresses each Summer that will carry me through a variety of events.  The main reason for this being that dresses are just so much easier to throw on.  I need ones that will work for anything from my boyfriend’s office patio party on Friday evening, to a bridal/baby shower during the day, to an impromptu mid-week date night or even for a Sunday afternoon meal with family.  Ones that I can wear casual flat sandals with when my hair is up in a bun but also look good with wedges and wavy hair for a more put together look.

Often times when I browse for a dress like this, I start here on the Nordstrom site.  These are the dresses in the women’s section and the sort field is set to featured.  It gives me an idea of what is popular right now and from there, I can start to decide what direction I want to go in.  After some scrolling, my next step is to change the sort function to Newest so I can see what has just arrived on the site.  And more times that not, I end up filtering both of these pages by price.  Because if you’re actually in the market to get one sent to your house rather than just doing some “window shopping” then you only want to see ones that are in realistic range.  Kind of the same concept as, “no thank you realtor.. I do not want to go inside the $1.2 million dollar home only to fall in love and then remember my budget is $300K”, right?!

I rounded up a few more dresses that would fall in this category for you all and you can shop them here:

I think this one is probably at the very top of my wish list.  (How am I so into red these days??)  But this one is a close second.  I had a Free People white dress similar to this one last Summer and I practically wore it out!  && I would definitely have to snag this one if I was headed to Mexico!

The dress in these photos is everything though so I can certainly recommend it!  It can be tied in tighter or more lose at the waist, has pockets [!] and is lined so it’s not see through.  Under $100 too!  [wearing a xs]

After we snapped these photos last weekend, I ditched the sun hat and switched into these sneaks so we could walk downtown and have a casual lunch (complete with french fries and grapefruit mimosas).  I loved it worn casually too! [I sized up a 1/2 size in the sneaks]

What is your go-to ootd in the summmmmatime?!  Share with me becuase I am always looking for new ideas!

Dress [under $100]|| Shoes || Bra || Hat, also similar option found here || Sunglasses, Color: Transparent Grey || Lips, Color: Stripped and Cherish [BEST nude combo!]

In Collaboration with Nordstrom