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Because sometimes it’s ok to just give in and dress totally casual.  There is zero shame in going with the ‘comfort is key’ mindset.  All I have wanted to wear lately are easy, laid back pieces and I blame the dreary weather and the fact that it’s January.  My go-to?  Black leggings.  But, this weekend past weekend I reached for these joggers and I can promise you it won’t be the last time you see me in them.

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Happy Monday, babes.  Let’s celebrate with some super cute sweaters.  Ready?

I bought this black and white stripe number right away when I saw it.  I loved the texture of it and that it was unique with the half and half design and irregular neckline.  So, when I saw that it recently was restocked in all sizes I knew I had to share!  [wearing a small]

I know spring items are starting to show up everywhere online, but the reality of it is that we are still in the dead of winter and for at least a few more months I will be wearing sweaters.  And honestly, even when it warms up I will still be pairing sweaters with jean shorts and skirts because I love that look.  This got me thinking.. so I rounded up 50 sweaters that I LOVE for you all to shop.  The kicker?  They are all under $50!  See what I did there–50 under $50.  Ha!

You can shop all my picks below.  Some are on sale too!

Sweater || Jeans || Boots, similar || Handbag, similar || Sunglasses


Hi all.  Happppy Fridayyyyy!  We made it through a super cold week and we’re looking straight ahead to our dear, dear friend the weekend yet again.  Hell yes.

I am not going to lie, I have been a little nervous to write this post.  I debated on sharing this with you all–but at the end of the day I want to be open and honest with my WW readers.  If I’m not, then what is the point of all this?  I want you to feel like we are in this together not only with everyday style but also some of the more personal aspects of life.  So, that brings us to a life update that I need to share with you all!  [I am just going to write this in one fell swoop, from start to finish-so it may not be the most organized rant, but it will be like a real unfiltered convo.. so bear with me. 🙂 ]

Last Friday was my last day at my full-time job as a controller of a company here in Lexington.  Eek.  I know accounting isn’t a thrilling career, but it is what I got my degree in from Transylvania University and it’s what I have made a living off of since I graduated.  I had really grown to like the work I was doing as controller and I felt like I had a good handle on it.  However, I was ready for some of the terms of my employment to change–ie: time off and pay.  I only had 10 days off a year and that was very, very hard to juggle.  In three years working there I had only received one 2% raise and my position was skipped during the last raise cycle.  This was discouraging since my work had been praised.  After some difficult talks with my boss and many sleepless nights I decided it was time to walk away from my position.  It was not an easy decision.  Very stressful in fact–I ended up getting a stomach bug and the flu during this time.  Proof that stress can definitely lower your immune system?  I think so, because you all.. that is the most sick I have been in a short amount of time in my whole life.  (Thankfully, and knock on wood, I don’t get sick very often.)  So, in the end, and with the full support of my family and friends and most importantly Ethan I knew–it was just time.  Time to walk away.  Time to end that chapter and start something new.  I just turned 30 and we are right at the beginning of a brand new year.

Soooooo…. where does this put me?  Well, in the spirit of transparency, I will tell you I don’t really know.  I am not sure what I will be doing 6 months from now for income.  [scary, I know] Ethan and I logged some serious hours at a coffee shop creating a spreadsheet (we titled it “LIFE”, haha) that tracks all of our current fixed expenses and income and came up with an updated plan on how to cover things for the foreseeable future.  I understand that this means I will need to pull the reigns in on my spending–and let’s be honest, that’s not entirely a bad thing.  (I have been known to shop lots and spend very freely on the social, entertainment and travel line items of a budget.  Which, was…really fun, haha, but can be changed.)  I know finances can be a touchy subject so maybe that was a little of an overshare (?) but hey, I told you I was going to lay it all out on the table and share with you all–so this is an honest as it gets.  && I cannot begin to tell you how much it has meant having Ethan as a partner during this.  His encouragement is priceless.

All this to say, that right now this puts me blogging.  Blogging a lot!  Putting everything I have into Weekend Wishing.  Lots of effort that I just never have had the time for before.  And, honestly, I LOVE it.  I could not be enjoying it more.

This explains why you have been seeing a lot more of me in the past few days, right?  I have been adding things to my Instastory constantly and I have managed to have a post up on the blog every day this week–something I have never accomplished before.  I really love it and I hope to grow my income from WW so I can continue along this path.  I appreciate my readers so much.  You all have been the reason why I have continued to post on my Instagram account and made the push to create a space on the internet for Weekend Wishing.  && now more than ever, I would love to have your continued support.  I am all hands on deck.  If there is something you would like from me let me know–whether that be a blog post topic you’d like for me to cover or a item you’re in need of and want me to search the internet for–I’m happy to do it.  I am really looking forward to being available and getting to connect with you all more!

Thank you for reading my little diary post.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up time or two while typing this.  Like I said, it’s scary haha!  But, for the time being I feel good about where I am.  I am happy to be creating content for you all that I feel proud of and I hope you all are enjoying it!

So.  Hey, 2018.  I see you.  I’m here.  Let’s do this!  Who’s with me?!


Lindsey Outfit Details: Sweater [on SALE!] || Long Sleeve Tee || Leggings || Uggs

Ethan Outfit Details: Bomber || T-Shirt || Jeans || Sneakers


When I first became I home owner I was living solo.  Well, my calico cat Millicent was here with me of course but I didn’t have a roommate.  There were many things about that that I liked.  I think even if you are a chicken like me, it is important to force yourself to live alone for a while in your life.  It creates some independence that everyone needs.

During that time, I fully took advantage of being the only person who had a say in things–I manipulated the thermostat however and whenever I wanted.  And as a girl who is usually cold, I didn’t hesitate to crank it up to 75 degrees on a regular basis.  However, when Ethan and Remi moved in they put a stop to that real quick–and rightfully so haha.  We’re currently keeping our house at a much more acceptable temp and we’re saving money in the process.

With that being said, I have learned to bundle up while at home so I am still warm and cozy.  My favorite way to do this?  With some Ugg slippers from Nordstrom!  Last year I got this classic pair and I lived in them.  This year, I went for this grey and black pair because they have a back on them and enclose your foot even more.  They work perfectly for me because they really are warmer!

I could not recommend this pair more.  They still come in at under $100 and they run true to size.  I love the black and grey combo because I think it makes them chic and they pair perfectly with black leggings (which I live in) but they also come in a more classic chestnut suede with cream colored shearling if that is more your style.  Either way, they will keep your feet toasty and you will want to change into them as soon as you get home and strip out of your work clothes and into your sweats.  I cook dinner and lounge in mine and I don’t take them off until right before I get in bed.  That way they are right beside my feet as they fit the floor after my alarm clock goes off so I can slip back into them before I even head to brush my teeth!

You all know Nordstrom is always my go-to for online shopping because their fast & free shipping and returns policy is impossible to beat.  So, I wanted to round up a few more slipper options that would be perfect for the man in your life and I had Ethan share his picks from the selection Nordys offers.  Guys LOVE slippers for the house too so keep these in mind if you have a bday coming up or are ready to get your vday shopping out of the way!

I hope you all are having a good week and enjoying the fact that it’s Friday Eve!


Ugg Slippers || Leggings || Wrap Top, similar found here and here || Tank || Fur Blanket, similar



It’s January.  And while that means a brand new exciting year is upon us, it also means we’re in the thick of the cold months that tend to bring on the dreaded winter blues.  Last year is the first year I tried to do a few things to help battle this time in the year that can tend to be depressing and I swear they worked!  As I was sitting here thinking back on our Jan-Mar 2016 I can honestly say that didn’t get me as down as they have in the past.  So I came up with a little list of some random things I suggest doing.  Give the following a try:

book a weekend trip somewhere warmer

This was the number one thing we did that helped last year.  We flew to Miami for a big horse race Ethan wanted to go to one weekend in January and then we drove to Charleston for a weekend in February.  It helped to have something to look forward to even if they were short and sweet trips.  We didn’t take days off work, we just squeezed them into a weekend.  So, while most people would say the ratio of the travel time compared to the time we were there wouldn’t make it worth it–I would totally disagree.  I would do it all over again just to break things up!

– try a new recipe

We get into a rut of doing the same easy dishes week after week.  And while usually it is nice to have some go-to dinners (ours are turkey chili and fajita bowls), it can also be good to add in a new recipe you haven’t ever made.  Ask your mom for one or just browse Pinterest! It might help to have something different to eat on a random Tuesday, even if it isn’t a healthy option!

– pack a bag and do a staycation

Never under estimate the power of a staycation in your own city.  My parents just did this in Lexington and had a blast!  The drive will be super easy so you don’t have to stress out about that and the reservation can be made last minute.  You won’t even dread the packing because all you have to do is throw things in for one night.  Just pick a hotel in the closest downtown to you and then walk somewhere for dinner after you have some wine in the room.  Then sleep in the next day before you head back home!

– go to the movies on a week night

Most people do date night at the movies on a Friday or Saturday but I actually enjoy going more on a night during the week!  This way you can still hit a workout class right after you get off and do a really easy dinner at home before catching a showing around 8pm.  You can zone out and get lost my the big screen and for a couple hours you’ll totally forget that it’s only Wednesday and you have to go to work tomorrow.  Then you reserve your weekend nights for things that are more social!

– order pizza and have a cocktail for an award show

A lot of times we end up spending our Sunday nights with family.  My mom likes to cook a big meal on Sunday so we’re often over at their house or meeting Ethan’s family for dinner.  I totally love doing both, but while award season is in full swing, take advantage and plan to stay in and watch the red carpet and the show with a huge pizza and a bottle of champs.  Make sure you go all out and order any toppings you want and get the cheesy bread too!  The SAG awards are on Sunday and the Grammys will air the following week!!

– clean out your house–closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets

This one doesn’t sound fun, I know.  Cleaning can be such a dreaded task but if you take the time now to do little clean outs of these areas and throw out/donate tons of stuff then you will really enjoy your space more.  And bonus, you will feel totally ahead of the curve once everyone starts talking about spring cleaning!  Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to do everything at once.  It will take up your whole weekend and depress you.  Just hit one area at a time over the course of a few weeks.

– order a bathing suit

I found a really cute one-piece at Target that I ordered last year and I can’t wait to wear it again this Summer.  Do it online so you don’t have to go to a store and freeze your butt off in the dressing room or get down after seeing your pale legs in the florescent lighting.  Even if you can’t wear it anytime soon it will be fun to have a piece to look forward to and it will also provide some motivation for you at the gym.

– do a wine tasting at home before you head out for date night

I think wine tastings always sound like so much fun but they can seem like an overwhelming activity.  Just make it super, super simple and pick out two bottles of whatever you like the next time you’re at the liquor store.  Then while you’re getting ready to go out for dinner open both and try sips of each one.  Then next time you go to buy a bottle of say, pinot grigio, you will know which one to grab for.  Plus it makes for fun conversation between you and your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend when you’re seeing if you agree on the favorite!

&& now on to a few details about this outfit.  I know this is a very casual one, but it is also a very realistic one for me.  I wore it last weekend when we spent a few hours at our local coffee shop doing a brainstorming session.  It was so cold so I knew my only option was my Uggs.  (You can read all about why these minis are my very favorite pair here.)  I also let the weather dictate my coat choice–this teddy number is so warm and so cuddly.  I love, love, love wearing it!  Sizes are limited in this one so I have found a few alternatives for you all to shop below.

Lastly, I have to mention this black hoodie.  Totally not exciting, but I swear I have gotten so much use out of this piece this year.  I love the street style vibe it gives an outfit and I think it is so cute to have the hood pulled outside of a coat.  Adds a little warmth behind your neck too!  I think it’s time to order a grey one.  It’s under $25 and I am wearing an xs.

I hope my list up above gives you all a few ideas on how to spice up your days!  Just remember even though Spring will be here soon, it is still definitely worth putting some effort into your days in between now and then so they are still enjoyable too.  You don’t want to wish away your time!

Coat, similar found here || Hoodie || Leggings, similar || Uggs || Beanie, similar || Sunglasses || Handbag || Fur Pom Pom, similar || Gloves