I needed a couple more dresses that fit into this category — easy, neutral, throw-on, modest — because they prove to be so versatile in the summer. This tan midi dress was a perfect find!

My apologies for these pics. We snapped them just as a big storm was rolling in on our way to dinner so the quality is not the best. But I wanted to share regardless because I have found this dress so handy to have.

This type of dress works well for me in the summer. They are breezier than jeans/pants yet still provide plenty of coverage thus making them great to wear to any of the following:

dinner inside a chilly restaurant

to the office

while getting a pedicure

a casual lunch

doctors appointment

You get the drill. Plus I love how you can pair them with sandals or sneakers! I liked the monochromatic look of this pairing but next time I throw this dress on I will probably edge it up with a pair of sneaks! xx

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