We had a couple warm days this week, which inspired me to start thinking spring and browsing online for some new items. This is what is currently on my WISH LIST.

JOGGERS – I have these in solid black and they are the perfect length! I finally found a pair that is not too long.

DENIM SOFT SHORTS – I have these in a neutral color from last summer and they are SO comfy. Needing this denim pair to take on our trip in May.

EARRING SET – I love how these are a tad edgy.

BING BOLT T-SHIRT – I want to invest in some good t-shirts in the coming months. I am quickly finding that a dressed up graphic is a look that I really feel myself in so I’d like to add some quality ones to my closet.

THREADER EARRINGS – These seem like a great lightweight pair to wear in my first hole.

MATCHA TONER – I heard that this is good for people with redness in their face. Dying to try it for the rosacea I struggle with in my cheeks. If I do I will report back on how it works. Anyone else struggle with this?

GUCCI SLIDE SANDALS – I wear my Givenchy pool slides ALL. THE. TIME. They were pricy for sandals but have totally paid for themselves over the past few years. Looking for another neutral-ish pair to add in this summer. I thought these were navy so I ruled them out at first glance but the description says black so they might be a winner!

EARRING CUFF – I reallllly want a few earring cuffs like this to wear on the side of my ear. I don’t want another piercing but I do like the look of a stacked ear so this would give that illusion.

WHITE DENIM A-LINE MINI SKIRT – This is on my must have list for spring/summer. And I 100% want it to be a-line. Much more flattering. This might have to be ordered since it’s on sale! Tip: I like to get my minis one size big so they can hang on me a little. I hem them if needed. Overall still makes them more wearable (they don’t ride up) and flattering.

KABUKI BRUSH – I want this for my bronzer that I apply in the hollows of my cheeks. Anytime I do a full makeup look I do this and the brush I have just is not cutting it.

BODY BUTTER – I have heard rave reviews about this and I want to try because I am always drawn to a butter that gives a silky finish. I am super picky and HATE a sticky or greasy feel.

SAINT LAURENT T-SHIRT – This fits RIGHT in line with what I talked about above in concern to t-shirts.

STUD SANDALS – Ok, how cute are these?? LOVE. I think I would like to have the white too but I would like to see the sole in person before I decide on the quality.


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