I’ll say it.. I am sick of summer clothes.  I’m over shorts and sandals and being hot.  I am ready to move on to sweaters, jeans and layers!  So, today I am pulled 5 things that I got tons of wear out of last year and I think you need in your closet for this fall!

textured scarf The first item I think everyone should grab for fall is a textured scarf.  I am partial to a grey one (this is an old Rebecca Minkoff fave) but this year I am also looking to add a brown/tan to my collection.

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suede jacket Perfect for draping over your shoulders with shorts, skirts and dresses but also amazing for layering up with as the temps drop.  I would do any neutral shade in a suede jacket like this–tan, grey, black, brown or sand.

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black denim I don’t know what I ever wore before black denim came into my life.  I reach for jeans like this time and time and time again.  Grab a pair because you will wear them with everything from sneakers, mules, boots + heels.

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chenille This has quickly become one of my favorite fabrics to wear.  So darn cozy and soft!  If you don’t have any in your closet, what are you waiting for??

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sock boots I was shocked at how much wear I got out of these suede sock boots.  TONS!  They were just an inexpensive pair from F21, so it is time to grab a new pair or two this year.  I am looking for a chestnut pair and maybe one with a fun heel too!

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Are you all with me?  Ready for fall wardrobe??

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